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Fee-Only Financial Planning

Financial Planning, at its core, is a process. It is an exercise to help determine the best choices for today and tomorrow. The objective of our collaboration is to give you the best chance of creating experiences that matter to you through quality advice. Planning may seem overwhelming, but we are here to clarify and provide value at each stage. 


Our Walk In The Park program is for those seeking a long-term relationship with a financial planner. Our plan will cover nearly every aspect of your financial life. It will allow us to see what adjustments can be made to have the most significant impact on your life.

Our Walk In The Park Process


We want to get to know you and understand what led to taking the first step. Therefore, we will ask you questions about your family background, your relation to money growing up, and what you expect from our relationship. At this time, we will review pertinent examples of our planning process. If you are interested in proceeding, we will send you our questionnaire to get to know you better!


Did we mention that we do not have account minimums?

Every dollar in your life should have a purpose. Therefore, we will spend time understanding your relationship with money and risk tolerance and provide you with an overview of our investment philosophy. 

In conjunction with our network of professionals, we will provide you with a second set of eyes on all areas of your tax planning. Every transaction has a tax consequence, and we will work with you to understand what is in your best interest.



It's time to gather a ton of info!

We will review all of your background information and ask informative questions to clarify anything from our questionnaire. We will then define your statement of financial purpose and provide you access to our planning platform.



Once we have a successful plan in place, we will poke holes in it to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Unlike other firms, we do not sell insurance. Still, we will review all of your current policies and maybe even make recommendations for life, disability, or long-term care coverage.

We will even provide you with a comprehensive overview of your property and casualty coverage. 



Our first collaboration meeting will review planning for opportunities. We will help you identify an actionable list of to-dos, and (spoiler alert) we will help you accomplish them each step of the way. This meeting should help us get to the questions of what financial independence looks like for me or what we need to do to solve those top-of-mind items. 


Estate planning documents can be complicated and overwhelming. The typical estate document package can often be 50-100 pages long. Therefore, we will go through a process with you to summarize your documents and collaborate with your or our professional network to ensure you accomplish your intentions.

You will walk away from our last onboarding meeting with a recap of your entire plan, and we will then meet at least twice a year or as needed to monitor and update your planning. 


What you have access to:

Budgeting Software

All clients are given access to our comprehensive cash flow software. Our platform creates a collaborative experience to manage day to day cash flow and allows us to add input as needed. 

Professional Network

Hampton Park Financial Planning has worked diligently to establish professional connections both locally in Charleston and across the country through our professional network.

Client Center

Personalized online financial planning software that tracks your progress and a secure vault where you can store all of your important financial documents in our client center

Ongoing Support

Access to our service calendar and proactive communications to address various financial topics and planning opportunities throughout the year.

Continued Below:

Ongoing Care

Our collaborative process aims to impact every aspect of your financial life positively. Our Walk In The Park Process sets the groundwork for our long-term relationship. The impact of our collaboration is felt more over time as we know you and your finances better and can help you navigate life’s choices and opportunities more effectively.

You can expect regular communication from us regarding planning opportunities, macroeconomic events, and important dates for your planning. In addition, we will reach out to you at least twice a year to meet for a comprehensive review. We intend to establish updates in your world, monitor your planning, and protect your vision during this time. 

We encourage you to reach out to us with questions about your financial life and updates on your world. Our job is to be there for you. 

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