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Fee-Only Financial Planning

Financial Planning, at its core, is a process. It is an exercise to help determine the best choices for today and tomorrow. The objective of our collaboration is to give you the best chance of creating experiences that matter to you through quality advice. Planning may seem overwhelming, but we are here to clarify and provide value at each stage. 


Our Walk In The Park and Navigate Your Financial Future programs are for those seeking a long-term relationship with a financial planner. Our plan will cover nearly every aspect of your financial life. It will allow us to see what adjustments can be made to have the most significant impact on your life.


A review of your entire financial picture, organization, recommendations in high-impact financial areas, and a customized action plan.


Completion of plan action items and recommendations, communications and coordination with other financial professionals

Client Center

Personalized online financial planning software that tracks your progress and a secure vault where you can store all of your important financial documents in our client center

Ongoing Support

Access to our service calendar and proactive communications to address various financial topics and planning opportunities throughout the year.

Ongoing financial planning will include but is not limited to, the following services:

Project-Based Financial Planning

We offer specific guidance on a variety of financial planning issues. Our starter program, Start Your Engines, provides a personalized financial snapshot to clarify your current situation, culminating with a prioritized to-do list designed to help you start in the right direction and implement your next steps.

Our One-Time Financial Plans provide a financial snapshot and long-term financial independence analysis. We will evaluate your current situation, get organized, and identify high-impact financial considerations to start you on the right track.

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