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Investment Management

Our investment management strategies aim to capture the long-term returns of markets using a dynamic, diversified, tax-efficient, and transparent approach. The asset classes and geographic regions you’re invested in are responsible for most of the risk and returns of your portfolio over an extended period of time. Our focus is on constructing a low-cost strategic asset allocation focused on the long-term performance necessary to reach your unique goals. We have partnered with Charles Schwab, a trusted, smart technology custodian that enables our clients to see their investments and track their progress.

Our Investment Philosophy

Simplifying Complex Markets

One of the central principles of our investment philosophy is that it is easy to understand irrespective of a client's investment experience. Our portfolios are constructed to safeguard and provide potential long-term growth through tax-efficient exposure to the broad market.

  • No Big Bets: Diversified exposure across international and domestic markets

  • Avoid Market Timing: Systematic rebalancing 

  • Costs Matter: Low-cost investments, competitive advisor fees, and almost zero transaction costs

  • Tax Efficient: Tax-advantaged account focus

Our portfolio approach works for all clients – from those who are starting to build wealth with savings to those who have already accumulated significant wealth.

Socially Responsible Investing 

As an option, we offer a values-based approach designed to provide a competitive return while having an enhanced social impact. Modeled to harmonize environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

  • Myth: Socially responsible investments perform lower than conventional investments.

  • Fact: Historical evidence, acquired through hundreds of studies, shows that SRI investments have performed as well as or better than their conventional counterparts.

Our team is composed of a credentialed Chartered Socially Responsible Councilor holder, is committed to giving back with our 1% donation of net fees, and is encouraged to volunteer in our communities. 

“Time is your friend, impulse is your enemy.”
-John C. Bogle

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

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